Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

Passaporte para a pesquisa - Sociotramas

Passaporte para a pesquisa – Sociotramas

Em 2010, fiz estágio de pesquisa sanduíche na Suíça. Enquanto estive lá, tuitava em inglês sobre temas do meu interesse. Achei que expor o tipo de conteúdos que estava disseminando globalmente via Twitter três anos atrás seria representativo do tipo de atmosfera intelectual em que circulava naquele momento. Esse post traz uma seleção de tweets elaborados durante minha estada na Suíça.

Hoje, separei meus perfis do Twitter entre um que é de uso pessoal (@renatalemorais); e outro que é de uso profissional (@nomadesign_). As demandas da volta ao Brasil, com a reentrada no mundo da família e do trabalho, me fizeram habitar mais conscientemente a dimensão do físico, um tanto quanto em detrimento da minha presença virtual — que, contudo, jamais pereceu de todo. Fica, então, o registro de todo um mundo de investigações intelectuais — as quais deixavam pistas que caiam como gotas no meu Twitter stream. O idioma é predominantemente o inglês.

Esse perfil — @renatalemos — já não existe mais. Foi reapropriado por uma das milhares de Renatas Lemos que povoam as redes sociais. Mas o registro da @renatalemos de 2010 ainda existe: pertence a uma arqueologia da mídia que é cada vez mais imediata. Serve como um testemunho da extrema volatilidade do mundo das mídias sociais.

@renatalemos — Memorial de tweets 2010, tuítados enquanto estava na European Graduate School, Saas Fee.

  • Small is the new big, and the surest path to global change is to make an extremely local impact that works so well it spreads – D. Rushkoff
  • isao hashimoto: http://bit.ly/DtdNv
  • anger  vs. mindfulness http://ow.ly/j0Bq  #thitch nhat hanh
  • in love with… http://www.loneydear.com/
  • The Coming Currency Revolution http://tr.im/za7
  • co-creation is a mindset… its about creating value at all levels – co-creation manifesto 09 http://ow.ly/rF9R
  • Computers are useless. They can only give you answers. Pablo Picasso
  • the technium: technology that goes beyond hardware (and software), by kevin kelly  http://ow.ly/uAIe
  • while sipping a cup of organically farmed, artisan-brewed tea, I tap on my gigabit-wireless-connected tablet  http://bit.ly/2xOUsA
  • crazy is ok. ‘the human spirit is eccentric and unique and unconquerable and bizarre and unstoppable and wonderful.’ http://bit.ly/2xUlJm
  • aaahh… amour, musique, beauté en images – par  @jumundim http://ow.ly/AF35
  • its 80s rock day???? the entire 00s have been a 80s rock decade
  • zombieconomy tardus mortis effectus http://is.gd/5b9Kl
  • .ohm… ooohm… ohm.
  • the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled – plutarco
  • kuate. ~http://bit.ly/7fLeKO
  • bless bless
  • blessings conspiracy: cause you need regular doses of unreasonable beauty, sublime anomalies and inexplicable joys http://bit.ly/vn7ag
  • we still have a long way to go before we reach the only reasonable goal, which is to create a world in which… ..everyone alive is a healthy, free, self-actualized, spiritually enlightened millionaire dedicated to living sustainably – rob brezny
  • BLESSED UNREST ~http://bit.ly/6a7zAF
  • glaube kann nie gesagt warden
  • VINCENT GALLO evenings, weekends escort. 50,000.00 a href=http://bit.ly/d4irhttp
  • knowing your wisdom’s insufficiency is yet a kind of omnisciency
  • parallel universes and you http://bit.ly/6JV7PR
  • infinite possibilities…
  • where art thou? there you are
  • … hmmmm….. my take is that it is about nowdernity. entramos na agoradernidade.
  • ….or nowternity. a agoraternidade.
  • life.is.amazing.
  • woman warrior, go for it http://bit.ly/4pnezZ
  • amazing spiral at the norwegian sky ~http://ow.ly/KxZn ~ http://bit.ly/8pXIEF
  • i like biophysical economies ~http://bit.ly/4pfzEO
  • Balayés les amours,Balayés pour toujours,Je repars à zéro. Car ma vie, car mes joies, Aujourd’hui, ça commence avec toi!
  • this is the denial era. global warming denial. norwegian spiral denial. russian pyramid denial. one´s own responsibility denial. denial denial denial denial
  • the REB(00)T decade
  • SYSTEM change – not climate change http://bit.ly/4JMcxH
  • I suspect that many of the great cultural shifts that prepare the way for political change are largely aesthetic. – J. G. Ballard
  • nice girls cant ask for what they want ~http://ow.ly/LhDB
  • bad girl http://bit.ly/6ug0cg
  • It’s a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments http://bit.ly/8jWyt4
  • Cologne made from Michael Jackson’s DNA – ~http://bit.ly/pzMQV
  • value is about life. ultimate value is connecting to ultimate awesomeness and life
  • when searching equals connecting then well see a shift
  • she pretended to be a man and her life changed (for the better)  ~http://is.gd/5nMgL
  • evil is IGNORANCE
  • a new world of artificial abundance http://bit.ly/8DcVnd
  • some people are still too modern (19th) to conceive postmodernism (20th) while paradoxically living inside a altermodern / nowmodern 21st cent
  • darth vader is a leader / master yoda is a master
  • mapping the temples of cyborgism  http://bit.ly/6dtapL
  • ❤ this picture http://ow.ly/O2kY
  • corporations – behemoths endowed with human rights and corrosive global power- already are the cyborgs of our time http://bit.ly/7qFg9M
  • fluid intelligence is sexy ~http://bit.ly/vXNpA
  • whoever comes are the right people. whatever happens is the only thing that could have

Por Renata Lemos-Morais


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